Sunday, 7 August 2011


Haugastol is located on the mountain plateau in Norway called Hardangervidden.
Kinda halfway between Bergen and Oslo if you take the train.
It is situated 1000 meters above sea level and it is a beautiful place year round.
It has been 20 years since I was last up here, you see my grandmother used to run a summer farm up in these hills and as a child this was always where we used to travel for the summer holidays. To help out with the cows, sheeps etc. which was kinda not such a cool thing to do whilst everyone else went away to exotic holidays like Spain but in hindsight my parents gave me the best holidays I could ever imagine.
Haugastol is forever buried in my heart and is a true Paradise for me.
So, imagine my joy when I got to spend two days with mum up here to go wandering down childhood memory lane.
We checked in at Vegmannsbu, which way back then used to be where we would walk to to get our ice cream or chocolates.
The rooms are really well thought out, we had one with bunkbeds:
a self-contained kitchen unit:
and a little corner with a TV and couch. (Which can be turned into beds if you are 4 people sharing).
In the summer time they are really busy with "Rallarveien" which is a track from Haugastol to Finse that people love to pushbike, and in the winter time they offer snow-kiting.
If you are ever in Norway and want to experience some of the magical nature it has to offer I would warmly recommend a trip up to Haugastol.
For more info on the hotel click here.

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