Sunday, 7 August 2011


So finally up in Haugastol we got off the train from Bergen to Oslo around 14.15, checked into the hotel and started walking.
My paradise is part of "Rallarvegen" which is a construction route that is 100 years old man-built transport road designed for the conveyance of men and materials during the building phase of the most mountainous sector of the Oslo-Bergen railway line.
In the early summer of 1974 it opened for cycling but this truly didn't take off until the early 80's and nowadays the road is full with cyclists.
On the road into "Stolen" you pass this beautiful cabin, called Nygaard Farm which used to be the only farm on this level still in function up until the middle of the 1900's.
"Our" little stone house Stolen was still fully functioning thanks to my grandmother being able to rent the little farm house off the people who owned Nygaard way into the beginning of the 90's.
It was wonderful being back up here again as I believe part of my soul will always hang around in these areas. The cabin itself is as you can see tiny, no electricity and I remember having to run down to the waterfall every morning for a wash-up.
We even met some of the local inhabitants.
It was raining hard here on the first day but with so many memories to go through it truly didn't matter.
The stones has interesting moss growing on them,
and the bluebells looked gorgeous in the rain.
Even the ruins of our old playhouse was still standing.

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