Saturday, 5 November 2011

A day at the beach

Whenever we are back here on the island sunbathing is something we very rarely do.
The beach is basically on our doorstep but I think I can count on one hand the times I've actually gone down to the beach to lay down and sunbathe this year.
Funny that. When I was in Norway this summer I would run out the door at the first sight of sunlight and press myself to sit out in cloudy, cold weather. I guess it comes down to wanting what you can't have.

Anyways, yesterday we had a brilliant beach day. We hopped on the motorbike and set off to a secluded bay. It is awesome here with no people around and the only beings you are sharing the beach with is the hermit crabs. The water is crystal clear and the snorkelling is awesome.

Having now learnt my lesson from earlier this year when I managed to get seriously sun-burnt in Bali I lathered on spf.30 and put a big hat on my head and then just enjoyed the company, peace and quiet and the smell of sunshine on my skin.

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