Tuesday, 1 November 2011


We have this old coconut holed out trunk that we use in our bathroom as our Mandi water. Every year we sand it down and put a new layer of epoxy on it to make it waterproof.

Then we pour water into it and use that water as our reserve shower water, toilet flush etc. for those times when we run out of water. We're getting water in from the village as the water in our well is way to salty. The village water is nice and fresh although you cannot drink it. Oh, and we don't have hot water. One tap, one temperature. Freezing in June/July, utterly refreshing come October and by November you'd want to spend as much time as possible underneath the little stone shower just to try and get re-freshed. The water out the front is like a bath-tub.

It is also nice to put flowers in this big urn.
I've decorated the bathroom shelf with shells and other treasures I've found on the beach.

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