Saturday, 26 November 2011

Wedding Boa Style

Just before we left our Paradise we got invited to our worker Hanok's wedding.
He's done things a little nontraditional and gotten his wife pregnant before they got married. They now have a daughter who is almost two years.
The weddings go for three days and there is a lot of live stock being slaughtered for the occasion. We went the last day where there is A LOT of people wanting to say a few words to the happily married couple. Unfortunately we got here for the beginning of the speeches and so we had an hour of listening to the priest blessing the couple in Bahasa Rotenese. Then the head of the village had his speech, then the family.

By looking at the couple's faces it looks like even they had enough of the speeches in the end. It could have been that or the hang over from the previous two nights of Sope drinking and hard partying.

We got to hide out underneath the shade with the rest of Hanok's family and got served some unidentified lumps in a clear broth soup and rice whilst in the background you could hear the squealing of a pig getting slaughtered in the middle of the speeches.
The rice was good.
The lumps neither of us had the stomach to face.

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