Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Spending Christmas in Tannenheim, high up in the mountains is fun. For one, you know it is going to be a white Christmas. Missing my family and friends in Norway on this day I decided to do the walk into the "Three Fountains" in Trafoi. Luckily for me, Sarah, Beverly, Claire and Grace all decided to come with me. This is Grace's first time to the three fountains and mum Claire carried her in a rucksack there.

The walk in takes us about an hour and it takes us through an enchanted forest with animal tracks everywhere.

Finally reaching our destination I went into the small church and lit a candle for a friend who unexpectedly died this year. It is so nice and peaceful in here and the energies are so strong.

 We filled up our water bottles with the holy water that runs in a little stream just behind the church and started our walk back.
Some of us had it easier that others...:-)
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

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