Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Neon pink singlet, pink jersey and a pinkish sunset...
 That fit right into todays photo challenge "Pink".

A pink rose bracelet I made last year.

 My former self would've cringed with the whole idea of me wearing pink but over the last few years the colour suddenly seems oddly attractive to me and I am slowly introducing it into our home as well, as gently as I can as I know my husband is as allergic to the colour as I once was.

I love the tropics not only because it is nice and sunny and warm here every day but also because we get to sleep underneath a mosquito net which makes you feel so protected, it reminds me of my childhood days where we used to hide underneath the table cloth and share secrets of the world thinking no-one could hear us.


  1. Your home looks so comfortable - I want to cozy up on all your pillows!

  2. Ha,ha,ha. Thanks Jess :-)