Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Dolce and Gabbana Passion Duo lipstick

So, I buy my make up whenever I am out travelling. 
Maybe it is because I have spare time, waiting for the flight to take off but mostly it is because at heart I am (let's face it) a make up junkie.
I find it irresistible to go past a counter with all it's bling without stopping to sample a few colours on my hand. So alas it happened this time as well when I was flying from London Heathrow Terminal 5 to Bergen. I met the most wonderful make up person in the Dolce and Gabbana stand, (but then again I guess they would never be hired if they were not trained to be friendly to the customer), she was also very clever refusing to be brushed away by my "not really interested, just looking at what you have here". 
Next thing I know I am in front of the make up mirror but I am so so happy she talked me into buying this lipstick.
Firstly, I am not really a lipstick kind of girl. 
I adore the lipgloss, lip stains with plenty of vaseline but to be honest lipsticks have always frightened me. (Think lipstick stains on teeth etc). Also, how on earth do I go about picking the right colour for my skin? The ones that I have bought are always on the nude spectrum of colours which, (thanks to the very clever make up person at D&G washes my skin right out). (Definitely don't want that to happen, I need all the skin colour I can get at the moment). 
Thanks to her expert eye and clever guidance I ended up with this pretty pretty colour, unlike anything I have ever had on  my lips before. It gives off a great colour straight off and on coat no. 2 it is a perfect, fun party colour. The "Passion Duo" has a heart of satin gloss which I really like as it gives you a pretty long lasting colour with full gloss shine, so it is kind of like a lipgloss -but it is not, you get what I am saying. (Plus when it is windy your hair doesn't get stuck in it). Plus they keep your lips moist. 
For more info check their website

I am so happy with this buy that I might actually go back and get a second colour next time I am out flying. 


  1. awesome lipstick. care to follow each other?Let me know if you did so that I can follow you back too. Much love! ♥


  2. I am just loving this shade on you. Amazing lipstick.

    Kay of Pure & Complex

  3. The color looks nice
    I like it

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  4. crazy about this lipstick, you look stunning in this colour!
    such a stunner, my girl!

  5. Love the "sign off" and great color I picked up a great lipstick at a beauty event last night. And I want to get D&G "The One"

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  6. Ooh, perfect shade of red! But omg, I have the same thoughts about lipstick as you do! I wear mostly nudes or pinks, and go for more of the glossy/stains rather than actual lipstick. But I think it's good to have a perfect red lipstick in your makeup bag, just in case!